"The Future" ; A Poem

A child’s mind is like a drop of water, or maybe a piece of iron not yet soldered. You can mold it and shaped it like a piece of clay. How you molded it, it’s way it’s life will play. How we mold our children will decide the future and beyond, maybe becoming an MC searching for a rhyme; or maybe a single parent looking for time. Recollecting the past and the different forks that could’ve been chosen. If only we can turn back time and see it frozen. Mountains are molded through thousands of years; we seem so insignificant finding praise from our peers. The mountains surround us almost like a cell. The mountains are called opinions, as you can tell. Mountains are huge and very sharp, then we wonder why our knowledge is so dark. We are made up of other people’s thoughts and the knowledge that our teachers have taught. But after we are taught, we stop the expanding horizon, why are children lost is not so surprising. A child is like a flower it expands, and it blossoms. The sight you see is truly awesome. But one drop of acid rain corrupts the entire petal, this hinders the child from getting gold medals. This acid rain is better known as society, when I see a child on the news it’s hard for me to comprehend the tragedy but not the thought. Where was everyone when he was yearning to get taught? Everyone said hell, his love can be bought. But knowledge and wisdom is all he truly sought. One blade of grass with one drop of dew can change one’s philosophy on what truly to do. My messages simple but take it to soul, learn from mistakes and what others have told, be your own person make your words scream bold. For without knowledge and wisdom in this world is truly cold.

-Ronald Sapiano